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People Strategies

Jabian’s People Strategies expertise spans across change management, leadership development, organization design, diversity equity & inclusion, and engagement. The articles included here highlight our perspectives across those topics.

Change Management

Culture Change

Employee Engagement

Engagement and Change: Taking the Pulse of Your Stakeholders

How do you increase the likelihood your stakeholders will adopt a change? Find the true drivers behind their motivation to change and their motivation to resist, and you are well on your way. Leaders of change programs often struggle to thoroughly diagnose the positive and negative drivers motivating stakeholders during times of change. Measuring the reaction to a change, either positive or negative, is complex. Unexpected resistance can slow or stop the adoption of a change. Failing to leverage engagement drivers that could motivate change and generate enthusiasm for it can cause unnecessary frustration and cost.

Talent Management

Lessons from Baseball: Becoming a Stronger Business Leader

Anyone who has ever watched a college football game on TV has likely seen the NCAA commercial noting how few college athletes take their sport to a professional level. While the odds of becoming a professional athlete are extremely low, just being a fan can be rewarding: cheering yourself hoarse with 60,000 other people; experiencing the dramatic comeback of the underdog as the last seconds tick off the game clock; and ultimately celebrating a game — or a season — well-played.

A Model for Mastery: Learning and Development in the Digital Age

Today’s combination of knowledge content and the learning mediums available to access that content offers tremendous flexibility to learning professionals and their constituents. At the same time, that flexibility can overwhelm professionals trying to build and manage learning and development programs. Organizations that are able to harness this flexibility and deploy it to their workforce, however, can increase learning and improve employee engagement.

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