Fall 2019
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Fall 2019

Feature Article

It’s Officially Time to Self-Disrupt

History has a strange way of repeating itself when we don’t take active measures to learn from the past. There’s a reason why 440 of the 500 companies from the 1955 Fortune 500 no longer exist. Today, we see change and disruption happening at an increasingly rapid pace thanks to technology and integration. More times than not, the company disrupting your industry isn’t even in your industry. In this article we focus on the technologies most likely to substantially impact your business and what you can do to proactively ensure your business isn’t left in the past.

By Dan Sterling, Kevin Clickner, and Andrew Thompson

The Economics of Inclusion: A Broader Customer Base Is the Bottom Line

A truly inclusive customer experience isn’t just the right thing to implement, it’s a smart business decision.

By Amber Baird, Winston Powe, Laura Rodney, and Erin Smith

Letter from the Founders

“Disruption can be avoided or harnessed when organizations are willing to take an honest look at themselves.”

Getting Your Money’s Worth

An original primer on estimating, evaluating, and constructing the core of a successful business case.

By Berl Kaufman

Quote Mark Icon Jabian Conversations

Do you know your customers? What about how much they spent with your competitors, or with other industry disruptors vying for your market share? We interviewed Cardlytics CMO Dani Cushion on the importance of purchase intelligence in omnichannel customer experience.


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Meet the Contributors

Meet the thought-leaders behind this issue of The Jabian Journal.

The Final Word

A conversation with Roamy Valera, CEO, US and Canada, of PayByPhone.

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