Spring 2019
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Meet the thought-leaders behind this issue of The Jabian Journal.

Robert Amberg

[email protected]

Robert is the chief marketing officer at Jabian, with experience running comprehensive marketing and communications programs across multiple industries. He has deep expertise helping clients achieve success in branding, social media, and digital communications.

Amber Baird

[email protected]

Amber is a director at Jabian focused on understanding the customer experience and tailoring it to the entire customer spectrum. She helps clients keep each customer group in mind during solutioning and development, ensuring that the needs of diverse customer groups are not left out. Amber holds a certificate in D&I from Cornell.

Yosef Beck, CISSP

Yosef, a Jabian alum and a speaker on cyber, business, and IT security. Yosef is passionate about helping companies understand, prepare, and respond to cyber and data security events. He has written extensively on cybersecurity and the Internet of Things (IoT) with expertise in strategy, planning, and business and systems analysis.

Clay A. Holmes

[email protected]

Clay is a senior manager at Jabian experienced in improving organizations’ financial margins. He is passionate about helping clients overcome their most difficult challenges no matter their form. From day-to-day operational issues to strategic decision-making, he understands that all change has an impact and interconnectivity greater than the change itself. With this in mind, he helps organizations maximize and realize net new improvement from their changes.

Jacob Horr

Jacob is a Jabian alum with extensive experience in business strategy, IT strategy, governance, and change management. He has a passion for articulating the big picture, communicating complex messages through pictures, and connecting the dots within organizations to drive change and efficiency. He also leads Jabian’s IT Strategy and Planning Offering, which focuses on the assessment of IT organizations’ maturity and future state strategy.

Victoria Inman

Victoria is a Jabian alum experienced in end-to-end product management, and has helped her clients define their product strategy, design product organization roles, and launch consumer product to market. Her industry experience spans Automotive, Hospitality, FinTech, Lottery, and Non-Profit.

Fred Jewell

[email protected]

Fred is a senior strategic advisor at Jabian. He spends most of his time working with his clients on strategy, transformation, operating models, organization design, change management, culture, engagement, and communication. Fred is also an executive and team coach, speaker, and author of the Amazon new release best-seller “We Can’t Do It Alone: Building Influence With Simple Strategies.”

Adam C. Johnson

[email protected]

Adam is a senior manager at Jabian who specializes in business strategy development and implementation. He has broad experience helping retail and pharmaceutical clients address business- and technology-related opportunities.

Ariel Lomax

[email protected]

Ariel is a manager at Jabian with extensive experience in change management. Her work is primarily focused on understanding what is changing and why, in order to help manage and support change adoption—in short, helping clients effectively get from the current state to the future state.

Lauren Abraham Mahoney

Lauren is a Jabian alum with extensive experience in creating and implementing strategic business solutions across a variety of industries. Her work is primarily focused on taking a process approach to operational improvements, bridging business and IT, and driving sustainable change—in other words, making things better, making sure work gets done, and making change stick.

Lubna Qureshi

[email protected]

Lubna is a business transformation leader helping clients achieve business efficiency, growth, and sustainable results. Lubna has led new-to-the-world innovations, managed multimillion-dollar programs, and developed and led business improvement strategies for billion-dollar brands. Lubna is passionate about serving excellence to her customers, bringing the best out of her teams, and fostering a people-first culture.

Michael Ojo, Ph.D.

Michael is a Jabian alum who holds a Ph.D. in Leadership for the Advancement of Learning and Service from Cardinal Stritch University and MBA and computer engineering degrees from Missouri S&T. He has a wide range of industry experience via his work in finance transformation solutions and customer experience strategy. Michael is passionate about the evolution and influence of technology on customer experiences.

Tracy Reznik

[email protected]

Tracy is a director at Jabian with extensive experience in progressive people strategies, including change management, leadership development, and organizational development at the organizational, team, and individual levels. She is passionate about coaching, mentoring, and bringing out the best in people.

Laura Rodney

[email protected]

Laura is a manager at Jabian with extensive experience helping organizations navigate major change by engaging, training, and communicating with their employees. She uses her passion and commitment to change management, along with significant experience enabling and supporting clients, to create solutions that are both practical and forward-thinking. In her career, Laura has advised clients in a wide array of industries, including government (city/state and federal), hospitality, health care, and financial services.

Cordia Simon

co[email protected]

Cordia is a consultant at Jabian with a passion for bridging the communication gap between business and technology end users. Her expertise includes serving in various capacities as a deployment and test practitioner, and large-scale IT systems implementations.

Lydia Slotten

[email protected]

Lydia is a director at Jabian and the Customer Experience offering lead. She has a passion for serving clients and creating delightful stakeholder experiences, bringing over 10 years of consulting experience across an array of industries. Lydia helps her clients strategically assess, plan, and implement B2E human-centered experience design programs and products. She is a member of the CXPA Atlanta Network committee board and the past chair of the TAG CRM & CX society board. She holds a BBA from the William and Mary Mason School of Business in process management and consulting.

Stefan Sokerov

[email protected]

Stefan is a senior manager at Jabian with considerable experience in technology strategy and execution. He is passionate about driving innovation as fuel for business growth and leveraging his expertise to bring the right technology solutions for the best business outcomes.

Matt Syrett

[email protected]

Matt is a senior manager at Jabian with expertise in business analysis and IT design and delivery. He has broad experience in product management and process improvement and is passionate about optimizing customer experience through strategic process and technology design.

Guest Contributor

Don Turner

[email protected]

Don is a nationally known strategy expert. Author of the VOGI® methodology, he has successfully developed strategy for over a hundred organizations—launching start-ups, directing IPOs, turning around troubled companies, and providing innovative growth. Adding credibility to his strategic roles, he has been a chief executive officer in six companies.

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