Spring 2021
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Meet the thought-leaders behind this issue of The Jabian Journal.

Jeff Birch

Jeff is a Jabian alum who focuses on increasing organizational effectiveness by developing people- and change-related strategies and helping clients translate them into practical plans. Jeff has managed large, complex, and transformative human capital programs at global Fortune 500 clients as well as large federal agencies and nonprofit organizations.

Scott Gardner

[email protected]

Scott is a senior manager with Jabian Consulting focused on product management, business intelligence, and information management. Prior to consulting, Scott had over 12 years of experience in various product management roles developing and launching new Business Intelligence SaaS applications.

Danny Gattas

[email protected]

Danny Gattas is a manager at Jabian with a passion for helping organizations solve their most complex problems. His experience has focused on harnessing culture and people to drive impactful change at a large scale. From large enterprise to high growth, he enjoys helping businesses set innovative goals and improve processes.

Gokhan Guley

Gokhan is a Jabian alum with more than 20 years of experience transforming teams and organizations to achieve breakthrough business results. He strives to deliver sustainable value by balancing process, people, and technology capabilities as he solves complex business problems. He has deep experience in strategic planning, process reengineering, merger integration, and strategic change programs.

Aaron Hensley

[email protected]

Aaron is a director at Jabian with experience solving a variety of issues that the CFO of the future will face. He has firsthand knowledge of more than 25 finance functions, including some associated with the largest and most complex organizations in the world.

Bill Jagrowski

[email protected]

Bill serves as Jabian’s COO and has more than 25 years of consulting experience. He is considered an expert in program and project management, organizational governance, and leadership, coaching, and continuous improvement.

Sidique Jarr-Koroma

[email protected]

Sidique is a senior manager at Jabian with hands-on experience in product management, business case development, and business intelligence. He is part of Jabian’s Business Insights and Analytics team as well as Jabian’s Product Management team. He has driven data- and product-strategy-focused engagements for Fortune 500, private equity, and startup clients across the country.

Fred Jewell

[email protected]

Fred is a senior strategic advisor at Jabian. He spends most of his time working with his clients on strategy, transformation, operating models, organization design, change management, culture, engagement, and communication. Fred is also an executive and team coach, speaker, and author of the Amazon new release best-seller “We Can’t Do It Alone: Building Influence With Simple Strategies.”

JulieAnne Kohse

[email protected]

JulieAnne is a senior manager at Jabian. She is an experienced strategy consultant who works with clients to assess and design operating models, talent strategies, organizational cultures, and employee experiences. She applies design thinking methodologies to co-create solutions with clients that meet strategic business objectives. She has worked with midmarket and Fortune 500 companies spanning industries including health insurance, financial services, manufacturing, mining, consumer products, media, and technology.

Rebecca Martin

[email protected]

Rebecca is a manager at Jabian. She is interested in organizational change management, workforce strategy, and strategic planning. She is passionate about partnering with her clients to develop relationships across horizontals and deliver large transformation programs.

Fletcher McCombie

[email protected]

Fletcher is a director at Jabian Consulting helping clients to convert strategy into guaranteed results. He is focused on business strategy and business transformation, while holding true to Jabian’s values of being a community-, career-, and client-focused organization. Fletcher believes in “illuminating opportunity through unifying experiences.”

Ryan Nichols

[email protected]

Ryan is a manager at Jabian who focuses on designing growth strategies and executing strategic and operational improvement initiatives. He is passionate about innovation and emerging tech, as well as connecting ecosystems and businesses of all sizes to achieve sustainable growth. He also has a legal background and is a licensed attorney in good standing.

Vibhesh Patel

[email protected]

Vibhesh serves as a manager who is passionate about providing innovative solutions to clients. He has experience conducting business process assessments and analyses that provide actionable steps to include the impacts on people, process, and technology. He believes solutions should be driven through the lens of the customer and can be further enabled through digital transformation.

Nicole Rife

[email protected]

Nicole is a senior manager at Jabian with industry and client-serving experience in digital transformation, customer experience, and marketing. Her experience spans various industries, including hospitality, retail, CPG, and manufacturing.

Tracy Reznik

[email protected]

Tracy is a director at Jabian with extensive experience in progressive people strategies, including change management, leadership development, and organizational development at the organizational, team, and individual levels. She is passionate about coaching, mentoring, and bringing out the best in people.

Manish Shah

[email protected]

Manish is a director at Jabian and a 15-plus-year veteran of management consulting involving technology, marketing, and business strategy. He has an MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an undergraduate degree from the University of Western Ontario.

Nimesh Shah

[email protected]

Nimesh is a director at Jabian who focuses on customer-focused digital transformations to deliver top- and bottom-line value. He is passionate about customer service and incorporates a stakeholder orientation. He has delivered value-defining and -implementing strategic programs in the areas of process improvement, customer relationship management, contact centers, M&A operational due diligence and post-merger integration across multiple industries.

Marcus Stallworth

[email protected]

Marcus is a manager at Jabian who focuses on systems and data strategy, analysis, and optimization. Has led systems and data optimization efforts at some of the country’s frontline defense and federal organizations, Fortune clients, and nonprofits across the country.

Lydia Slotten

[email protected]

Lydia is a director at Jabian and the Customer Experience offering lead. She has a passion for serving clients and creating delightful stakeholder experiences, bringing over 10 years of consulting experience across an array of industries. Lydia helps her clients strategically assess, plan, and implement B2E human-centered experience design programs and products. She is a member of the CXPA Atlanta Network committee board and the past chair of the TAG CRM & CX society board. She holds a BBA from the William and Mary Mason School of Business in process management and consulting.

Matt Syrett

[email protected]

Matt is a senior manager at Jabian with expertise in business analysis and IT design and delivery. He has broad experience in product management and process improvement and is passionate about optimizing customer experience through strategic process and technology design.

Guest Contributors

Kathryn Healey

[email protected]

Kathryn is an alumni of Jabian. Her background and experience is in human capital consulting, human resources, and organizational change management. She is passionate about helping organizations develop talent management strategies and enhance the employee experience.

Colin Mulholland

[email protected]

Colin leads the Organizational Change & Transformation practice at Big Bold Change Co. He loves the work of guiding disruptors and trailblazers toward new ways of working that build clarity and confidence by design.

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