Spring 2015
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Meet the thought-leaders behind this issue of The Jabian Journal.

Robert Amberg

[email protected]

Robert is the chief marketing officer at Jabian, with experience running comprehensive marketing and communications programs across multiple industries. He has deep expertise helping clients achieve success in branding, social media, and digital communications.

Kevin Clickner

[email protected]

Kevin is a director at Jabian with expertise in strategic planning and post-merger integration strategy. He is passionate about using his experience to affect positive change in the U.S. health-care industry.

Liam Durbin

Liam is SVP and CIO of American Tire Distributors. Liam has almost 30 years leadership experience, starting with 12 years as a naval officer. After his service in the Navy, Liam’s IT career began at General Electric, in the Appliances division where he held IT leadership positions in the Sales, Six Sigma, and Supply Chain IT functions. Later, Liam spent three years as CIO of GE Fanuc in Charlottesville, VA. Subsequent CIO roles include Heinz North America and Block Communications, both in Pittsburgh, PA.

Victoria Inman

[email protected]

Victoria is a client success director at Jabian experienced in business strategy, operational excellence, and product management. She has helped her clients define their strategic roadmaps, design organizations, and launch consumer products to market. Her experience spans financial services, insurance, hospitality, automotive, telecommunications, and gaming industry verticals.

Bill Jagrowski

[email protected]

Bill serves as Jabian’s COO and has more than 25 years of consulting experience. He is considered an expert in program and project management, organizational governance, and leadership, coaching, and continuous improvement.

Fred Jewell

[email protected]

Fred is a senior strategic advisor at Jabian. He spends most of his time working with his clients on strategy, transformation, operating models, organization design, change management, culture, engagement, and communication. Fred is also an executive and team coach, speaker, and author of the book We Can’t Do It Alone: Building Influence With Simple Strategies.

Bruce King

[email protected]

Bruce is a Director at Jabian with expertise in business and technology strategy with specialties in metrics definition and management.

Lauren Abraham Mahoney

[email protected]

Lauren is a director and the process lead at Jabian with extensive experience in creating and implementing strategic business solutions across a variety of industries. Her work is primarily focused on taking a process approach to operational improvements, bridging business and IT, and driving sustainable change—in other words, making things better, making sure work gets done, and making change stick.

Katie Misel

[email protected]

Katie is a Senior Manager at Jabian who specializes in process engineering and optimization, business and process analysis, and product management.

Jimmy Mitchell

[email protected]

Jimmy is a Senior Manager at Jabian who is focused on solving strategic and process-oriented problems and merging his passion for sport with his experience in analytics.

Sam Noyd

[email protected]

Sam is a Senior Manager at Jabian and a leader in mobile strategy with an expertise in solution architecture and business process analysis.

Seth Pelletier

Seth has extensive experience managing mobile technologies in the financial services industry including mobile wallets and mobile payments.

Anna Pinder

[email protected]

Anna is a Director at Jabian and is an experienced leader with expertise in designing programs for and leading organizational change, organization design, and business process improvement.

Courtney Ramey

[email protected]

Courtney is the Charlotte market office executive director for Jabian. She specializes in developing and implementing growth, optimization, and service management strategies.

Senour Reed

[email protected]

Senour Reed provides business development and community engagement offerings in the Atlanta market—helping clients implement the Nine Pillars of Business Development Collaboration. With over 35 years of business development and marketing experience in domestic and international markets, Senour brings strategic vision, deep experience, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Tracy Reznik

[email protected]

Tracy is a director at Jabian with extensive experience in progressive people strategies, including change management, leadership development, and organizational development at the enterprise, team, and individual levels. She is passionate about coaching, mentoring, and bringing out the best in people.

Troy Sather

[email protected]

Troy is a Senior Manager at Jabian with expertise in implementing best practices in the areas of project, program, and portfolio management. In addition, he is a four-time Ironman triathlon finisher.

Srinivas Somayajula

Srinivas is a Director with Jabian recognized for his expertise in market intelligence, decision analysis, and data analytics.

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