Spring 2019
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Spring 2019

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Your Customer [Experience] Is the Star

Creating Products with Customers in Mind

Are You My Customer?

Managing the Paradox

Targeting Customer Experience for Unprecedented Growth

Five CX Lessons from the Five Stripes

By Robert Amberg, Amber Baird, Clay A. Holmes, Victoria Inman, Michael Ojo, Ph.D., Lydia Slotten, and Matt Syrett

What does every company have in common? Customers. What every company doesn’t have in common is a focus on customer experience. Research tells us very clearly that companies that design their products and services with the customer at the heart of the process are more successful than those that do not. In this section, we explore a variety of customer experience best practices and provide recommendations on how to turn your organization into a customer-focused profit center.

The Value of Diversity and Inclusion

The true value of Diversity and Inclusion initiatives comes from greater employee engagement and a better chance for financial success.

By Ariel Lomax, Michael Ojo, Ph.D., Laura Rodney, and Cordia Simon

Letter from the Founders

“No business can survive without customers.”

Jabian Conversations

How does one of the world’s most recognized brands continue to innovate and lead its’ industry? We interviewed Lars Minns, Mercedes-Benz head of HR for the U.S., Mexico, and Canada to find out.


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Meet the Contributors

Meet the thought-leaders behind this issue of The Jabian Journal.


A conversation with Mick Larkins, technical director at Hi-Rez Studios.

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