Spring 2023
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Letter from the Founders

“The world seems to be at a unique point in time where the intersection of people and technology has never been more apparent.”

The world seems to be at a unique point in time where the intersection of people and technology has never been more apparent. The last three years have challenged everything we know about relationships, human connection, and the importance of authenticity. At the same time, it has shown a dramatic rise in the use and reliance on technology to keep our lives running smoothly. You will see the balance of people and technology reflected in the articles in this edition of The Jabian Journal, and the growing reliance of each on the other.

In “Quiet Quitting Versus Deliberate Downshifting,” the authors discuss how leaders can lean into conversations with employees that help them stay engaged to create positive outcomes and a healthier work environment. In “People. Process. Technology. And Data. A Heretic’s View,” the authors explain why this traditional framework doesn’t hold up in the 21st century and they offer a perspective on how it should evolve. With “The Future of AI and Marketing,” the author showcases in a unique way just how much AI technology can assist organizations in reaching their target markets with compelling messages.

Our feature article, “The Challenge of the Decade: Spiraling Geographic Risk,” does a deep dive into how today’s geopolitical realities are impacting global business operations today and in the future. They offer a model for how companies can prepare for, anticipate, and protect themselves from global risk factors outside of their control.

For “The Final Word” interview, we spoke with Kalle Wood, a director in our Atlanta office, about her joint passion for strategy and planning, and community service. For our “Jabian Conversations,” we dove into the world of AI and conducted an interview with ChatGPT itself on the future of AI, using prompts and recording its responses. Truly, we have never lived in a time so simultaneously focused on the human experience and the rise of machine learning.

We hope you enjoy this issue of The Jabian Journal, and we welcome your feedback.


Chris, Brian, and Nigel—The Jabian Founders



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