Fall 2022
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Meet the thought-leaders behind this issue of The Jabian Journal.

Kate Allan

[email protected]

Kate is a director at Jabian with over a decade of cross-industry experience in management and technology consulting, resource management, and operations. Her work is focused on business and technology transformation and strategic prioritization. Kate is passionate about driving meaningful, sustainable change for her clients and community.

Jose Araque

[email protected]

Jose is a manager with more than four years of process assessment, optimization, and implementation experience. Jose employs lean six sigma, project/program management skills, and strategic objective definitions to develop solutions that not only address the problem at hand for his clients but also provide a clear roadmap for future steps. Jose’s cross-cultural experiences in South America and the US are the foundation for an inclusive, people-focused approach to empowering his clients to address challenges.

Alex Daly

[email protected]

Alex is a director at Jabian with cross-industry experience primarily focused on strategic planning, business transformation, and human capital management. He is passionate about talent management and diversity, equity, and inclusion, helping organizations create strategies to build a more inclusive employee experience.

Claudia Deng

[email protected]

Claudia is a senior manager at Jabian with over five years of cross-industry consulting experience focused on change management and business strategy. She leads the change management offering and is focused on finding tailored solutions for clients that take the human factor into account, with engagement and sustainability as the ultimate end goal. She has a passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion, and is active in both the DE&I offering and the Asian and Pacific Islander Coalition (APIC) employee resource group at Jabian.

Karen Dernavich

[email protected]

Karen brings more than 12 years of consulting experience across various industries. She loves helping clients solve problems, innovate, and drive results. Her work is focused on business transformation, employee and client engagement, sales enablement, and operational efficiencies. She is passionate about clear communication and building relationships to make a difference in the world.

Scott Fitzgerald

[email protected]

Scott is a director with more than 20 years of consulting experience across strategy, operations, and technology. His career has focused on business and IT transformation, and he is passionate about helping his clients navigate complex changes within their organizations to achieve results.

Scott Gardner

[email protected]

Scott is a senior manager with Jabian Consulting focused on product management and delivery. Prior to consulting, Scott had over 12 years of experience in various product management roles, launching new business intelligence applications. He has studied and performed improvised theater for the last five years and is a board member at Out of Hand Theater in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jeff Hancock

[email protected]

Jeff is a director at Jabian with more than 25 years of experience in leading programs across a wide array of industries, including hospitality, manufacturing, communications, and high-tech. He is the champion of the firm’s Project, Program, and Portfolio Management offering.

Dom Haskett

[email protected]

Dom is a management consultant with Jabian Consulting and the current Dallas Business Club Vice President. His industry knowledge in M&A, real estate, health care, and business school maximization can be leveraged to deliver tangible results and turnkey business solutions.

Jennifer Higgins

[email protected]

Jennifer has a passion for organizational effectiveness focused on strategic planning and operational excellence. She cares deeply about achieving equity in the workplace and in the community. Jennifer co-leads Jabian’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion offering.

Victoria Inman

[email protected]

Victoria is a client success director at Jabian, specializing in business strategy, operational excellence, and product management. With a proven track record, she leads her clients through transformational initiatives by developing strategic roadmaps, crafting efficient organizational structures, and successfully launching consumer products into the market. Victoria’s passion extends beyond her professional endeavors as she advocates for individuals in the special needs community. She published a book titled “Spark Acceptance,” featuring inspiring stories of more than 50 individuals living with diverse abilities, promoting inclusivity and celebrating their unique talents.

Sterling Jackson

[email protected]

Sterling is a professional futurist with almost a decade of experience in the public and private sectors. He focuses on transforming organizations to be best in class and engineering the future to push an organization to a new competitive level. Sterling leads the Jabian Strategic Planning and Risk Management offerings and is ardent about building and operationalizing multidecade strategies for clients and finding new ways to make the future a brighter place for everyone.

JulieAnne Kohse

[email protected]

JulieAnne is a director at Jabian with extensive experience in operating and organization model design, business strategy, and organizational effectiveness. She applies design thinking methodologies to co-create solutions with clients that connect strategic business objectives to ways of working within and across teams. Her experience spans financial services, insurance, mining, manufacturing, automotive, and telecommunications industry verticals.

Fletcher McCombie

[email protected]

Fletcher is a director at Jabian helping clients convert strategy into guaranteed results. He speaks and writes extensively on change management and business transformation. Fletcher believes in “illuminating opportunity through unifying experiences.”

Ray Reboulet

[email protected]

Ray is a senior manager at Jabian with over 10 years of consulting experience in product management and data analytics. His work focuses on wringing the value out of data through solution development and data strategy implementation. When not bringing order out of chaos (one client at a time), Ray enjoys writing screenplays that audiences will love. Someday.

Tracy Reznik

[email protected]

Tracy is a director at Jabian with extensive experience in progressive people strategies, including change management, leadership development, and organizational development at the enterprise, team, and individual levels. She is passionate about coaching, mentoring, and bringing out the best in people.

Carlos Saldaña

[email protected]

Carlos is the senior graphic designer at Jabian Consulting with over 12 years of experience. He supports organizations in turning circles, rhombuses, and text boxes into consumable visual information. He approaches every project with the end-user experience in mind and is always testing new technologies to do so.

Jacquelyn Schneider

[email protected]

Jacquelyn offers more than 11 years of consulting experience focusing on business strategy, transformation, and operational excellence. While her role mainly focuses on client delivery, she is dedicated to relationship management and business development efforts in the hunting space. The focus on relationships, solving problems, and building something entirely new together is deeply rewarding for Jacquelyn.

Kevin Sokoloff

[email protected]

Kevin is a strategy consultant with more than seven years of finance and consulting experience across many industries helping clients achieve value as they are undergoing transformational change. His expertise has been around M&A integration and go-to-market strategies with newly acquired companies and understanding specific customer needs in the marketplace.

Dan Sterling

[email protected]

Dan is the market launch center executive director at Jabian with over two decades of experience developing innovative solutions and driving those solutions to results. He is passionate about helping companies understand their business models and their resiliency in the face of market, technology, and competitive pressures. His expertise includes business model transformation, spanning pure-play strategy, growth, and innovation to technology-driven business model disruption.

Guest Contributors

Jordan Enoch

[email protected]

Jordan is passionate about delivering value-driven, intuitive products that enable a smooth customer experience. He leads solutions that encompass people, analytics, eCommerce, and gamification from enterprise to startup size in a wide variety of industries, including media, staffing, real estate, and restaurants.

Lauren Freedman

Lauren is the Director of eCommerce Marketing at Coca-Cola North America, where she leads digital commerce marketing from strategic planning to in-market execution. With over 15 years of consumer-centric experience, Lauren has worked in brand management across industries on newly launched brands at over $8B. Lauren holds an MBA from Vanderbilt and is also a proud UNC-Chapel Hill Tarheel, and she enjoys understanding how culture, organizational structure, and leadership drive better business results and stronger consumer connections.

Steven Lubel

Steven has a passion for advising clients on some of their most challenging problems. He has extensive experience in business process analysis and strategic prioritization and demand management. His experience touches various industries, including consumer products, specialty retail, and digital marketing.

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