Spring 2020
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Letter from the Founders

“Balance. It’s something easy to say but hard to accomplish.”

Balance. It’s something easy to say but hard to accomplish. It applies to every aspect of our lives—personal, professional, and spiritual. At Jabian, we try to take a balanced approach to much of what we do, not over-indexing on one function or another, one hot technology or another. But the one area where we refuse to pursue balance is in our quality of work. There can be no “just OK” results to balance “exceptional” ones. In this regard, we maximize imbalance to the exceptional side of the ledger. In this issue of The Jabian Journal you will find a nice balance of articles across several different business functions, but each one is theorized, researched, and presented with the same exceptional desire for a perfect work product.

In our feature article, “Process: The Blueprint for Successful Transformations,” authors Gokhan Guley and Allison Stunja look at the fundamental and critical component of a transformation: the business process. While not seen as a particularly “sexy” part of business, when the change is dramatic enough to cause an organization to embark on a transformation journey, business processes should be used as the blueprints to guide that journey.

Our feature interview highlights how important it is for a leading company to innovate to meet growing market demands. Chris Morris, chief executive officer at Main Event Entertainment, explains how his company is positioning itself to meet those demands head-on by innovating from a customer-first position. In “The Final Word,” we spoke with Russ Preite, CEO of PLNTF Holdings, Inc., one of the largest Planet Fitness franchisees in the world, to hear how he took his experience as a telecom executive and is using it to transform the modern fitness industry. His approach to sticking to your purpose allows the company to grow without sacrificing what makes it special.

Big organizational change can be scary and seem like a departure from everything you know about your company. At Jabian, one thing we never lose sight of is purpose. Whether we’re helping with a big change, increasing efficiencies, or defining customer journeys, we always anchor on the purpose of why you do what you do—and it’s made all the difference.

We hope you enjoy this issue of The Jabian Journal, and we welcome your feedback.

Chris, Brian, and Nigel—The Jabian Founding Partners

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