Spring 2019
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Letter from the Founders – Spring 2019

Letter from the Founders

“No business can survive without customers.”

No business can survive without customers. And the old saying “It’s more expensive to find a customer than to keep one” is truer now more than ever. Yet many organizations fail to invest in understanding what makes their customers want to remain customers. Because many companies rely on technology to enable large parts of their business, speed of competition has increased, and consumers have choices of where to spend their money.

The feature section of this issue of The Jabian Journal aims to get at the heart of groundbreaking customer experience best practices and offers ideas for companies looking to tap into the power of customer loyalty. The authors explain how to build bridges between business units with the customer as the common focus and what really matters when it comes to the voice of the customer.

We also look at security from two different perspectives. In “IoT Devices and Security,” the author explains how to protect yourself from the growing security threats of connected devices when bad actors hack into them. And in “The Cost of Uncertainty,” the fourth in a nine-part series exploring the Jabian Engagement Framework, the authors explain how security is essential to employee engagement.

In our feature interview, Lars Minns of Mercedes-Benz talks about bringing the company to Atlanta and the challenges of hiring so many new people into an iconic company culture. He also shares some insight on how focusing on increasing employee value is driving the future of employee engagement. In The Final Word, Mick Larkins of Hi-Rez Studios gives us a glimpse into the high-tech world of today’s leading video games and how his company is pioneering the future of eSports.

From customer experience to security, to GDRP and robots, this issue of The Jabian Journal covers a lot of ground. As we celebrate opening our fourth office this year, located in Chicago, we look back at the ground we’ve been able to cover. We’re grateful for the clients who put their trust in us to help them address their most complex challenges—and that is an experience we’ll never take for granted.

We hope you enjoy this issue of The Jabian Journal, and we welcome your feedback.

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