Spring 2016
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People often overlook the human factor when evaluating the value of a company or the potential of a new product.

The same traits that make us human can hinder or enhance the performance of our businesses. Many executives often examine processes, scorecards, or goals to gain insights into how to further growth without giving the same due diligence to uncovering insights about people. In this edition of The Jabian Journal, we examine how companies can fuel explosive growth by focusing on the dynamics of the people in and around their organizations, from employees to customers to stakeholders.

In our feature article, “Clash of the Generations?,” the author offers research suggesting that the perceived differences between traditionalists, boomers, millennials, and Gen Xers might be smaller than we think. Overestimating those differences could lead companies to miss opportunities in the workplace and the marketplace. In the article “Built to Be Biased,” the authors discuss five different decision-making biases and how to avoid them so we can make the best choices. The authors of “The Habit Loop” explore the personal aspects of organizational change and provide four steps to successful bottom up change that sticks.

Our three featured interviews highlight executives who exemplify the human factor in action by how they’ve made organizations more successful. Brian Himstedt, CIO of the Kansas City Royals, leveraged his management consulting background to streamline the technology operations responsible for enhancing the fan experience at Major League Baseball games. Jerry Mooty, COO of Blue Star Sports, recognized the void of any branded experience in the payments industry and is taking that successful model to the youth sports market. Tino Mantella, president of the Technology Association of Georgia, has dedicated his life to helping nonprofit organizations grow and succeed, and reflects on a career filled with great advice for today’s business leaders.

At Jabian, our mission statement reads: To help our clients and colleagues pursue their greatest potential, make a meaningful difference, and enjoy the journey. Nowhere to be found are statements about profit, growth, or metrics. We believe that when you focus on the human side of business, the rest will take care of itself. These articles will help you identify opportunities within your own organization for personal and professional growth.

We hope you enjoy this edition of The Jabian Journal, and we welcome your feedback.


Chris, Brian, and Nigel – The Jabian Founding Partners

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