Fall 2021
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Letter from the Founders

“Proper employee experience touches the physical, technological, and cultural aspects of the employee journey.”
Transformations, by definition, result in something different than what there was before. Ideally, it’s a net positive and a path for growth. Whether that is helping your child go from virtual to in-person learning or redefining how your company goes to market, transformations need to consider the entirety of the change experience to make sure it isn’t one of the four out of ten that fail. Many of the articles in this issue of The Jabian Journal focus on how to not overlook those areas most impacted by transformation.

In our first article, “The 100-Day Transformation”, the author identifies seven key areas of the organization to focus on that can make a true impact in just
one quarter. In “Are You Putting Your Deal at Risk By Not Considering Cultures?”, the authors lay out four keys to mastering cultural alignment during a merger or acquisition. And, while transformation strategy is a major theme, we also packed this issue with insights on success in diversity, hybrid working, and experiential design.

Our feature article, “The Six Dimensions of Employee Experience That Drive Impact”, discusses the six “A’s” of employee experience and how leaders can design engaging programs that yield maximum business impact. Proper employee experience touches the physical, technological, and cultural aspects of the employee journey, and it encompasses these six key dimensions.

For “The Final Word” interview, we spoke with Al Guido, the CEO and chairman of the San Francisco 49ers and president of Elevate Sports Ventures. He shared perspectives on the future of sports customer experience and how applying smart analytics and intentional design can not only boost sports teams’ profits, but most businesses as well. Finally, in the “Jabian Conversations”, we sat down with Scott Sonju, president of the Dallas Jackals. He discussed the challenges and strategy of starting a professional rugby team during a global pandemic, why making the community a priority is always the best business decision, and shared lessons on building a brand from the ground up.

We hope you enjoy this issue of The Jabian Journal, and we welcome your feedback.


Chris, Brian, and Nigel—The Jabian Founding Partners

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