Fall 2015
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Telecommunications Industry Insights
The telecommunications industry has seemingly been in a state of constant change for the past decade. Even getting people to agree on what telecommunications consists of is no easy task.

It is no longer centered on the idea of a phone. This evolution is due to influences from the market and from within the industry. The change will continue in response to customer demand and network needs, and
will result in continued competition for the coolest gadget, best content, and fastest speeds.

Jabian Consulting looked at the rapidly changing industry to identify the main drivers and trends that will shape the future of telecommunications. From a list of many, we selected 12 trends most likely to have significant impact within the next few years, and offer insights into what companies must do to prepare for them. In addition, we commissioned a survey of consumers and telecommunications professionals to understand where the customer and the provider are aligned (or misaligned) on priorities and expectations for the future.

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