Fall 2022
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Letter from the Founders

“Nothing can outrun uncertainty.”

If the last two years taught us anything it was that nothing can outrun uncertainty. However, it also taught us that the most-prepared organizations were the ones who survived and thrived during uncertainty and used it as a competitive advantage.

In this edition of The Jabian Journal, many of our topics are forward-looking, offering insights and strategies on preparing for uncertainty, leveraging new data and technology, and preparing organizations and executives for the road ahead. We all face uncertain economic headwinds in the months ahead, but we don’t have to face them unprepared.

In “The Executive Transformation Mindset: Changing Tires on a Moving Car”, the authors share strategies and tactics on how executives can successfully drive transformational change while still executing day-to-day operations. In “The New Office Experience Is All About Relationships”, the authors share our new hybrid productivity formula for knowledge-based work, discussing the importance of focusing on personal interactions that build meaningful relationships before trying to force productivity. And in “Focusing on Corporate Scope Magnifies Revenue and Investment Opportunities, the author details how to build and execute a corporate strategy that drives competitive advantage.

Our feature article, “Why You Need a Metaverse Strategy”, does a deep dive into one of the most potentially disruptive phenomena we’ve seen in years. From a robust explanation of what the Metaverse is, to how to recognize potential use cases for your business, to spotting disruptive indicators that could impact your industry, the authors offer step-by-step tools, insights, and frameworks to help keep you ahead of the curve.

For “The Final Word” interview, we spoke with our newest executive leader, and head of our Charlotte office, Parshant Dhiman, to give you more insight into the people who make up Jabian. Parshant has a fascinating background that ultimately led him to Jabian and he’s already making a world of difference in Charlotte and in the firm. For our “Jabian Conversations”, we learned more about the life and career of Alcon’s Lisa Praeger as she discusses the new realities, challenges, and opportunities facing today’s sales organizations. New work environments, buyer requirements, and supply chain issues can be challenges, or opportunities.

We hope you enjoy this issue of The Jabian Journal, and we welcome your feedback.


Chris, Brian, and Nigel—The Jabian Founding Partners

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