Spring 2024
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The Final Word / Conversations with Extraordinary People

In The Final Word, we hope to introduce you to some extraordinary members of our team. It’s one thing to say we have great people, but another to show you just how we define “great.” In this edition, we’re pleased to highlight Callie Wheatley Lloyd who is a Senior Manager from our Atlanta office.
Callie Wheatley Lloyd
Senior Manager – Jabian Consulting

Where did you go to school and what did you study?

The University of Georgia and studied marketing and International Business with a minor in Spanish.

What do you like most about consulting?

The fast-paced nature. I do like the variety of work that we can do and the variety of clients I work on. I enjoy learning about so many different companies, how they each operate, and even so many different industries that I didn’t think I would work in.

"I am constantly reminding myself to give things time to get done, give grace to others, and enjoy the ride."

Tell me about the best project you’ve been a part of.

My favorite project was with a mass transit provider. It was truly transformational for the organization to move into digital payments from an antiquated system. It was a fun project working with two of Jabian's other CX SMEs, analyzing the current state and ideating the future state, alongside an external partner to design/draw the ideas to literally bring them to life right before our eyes. It has been most rewarding seeing the ideas we developed in collaboration with the client in real life — many of the ideas are being implemented and we can actually see them firsthand.

What challenges you every day?

Patience! I like moving quickly, getting things done, and doing a lot at once. I am constantly reminding myself to give things time to get done, give grace to others, and enjoy the ride.

What advice would you give clients about working with consultants?

We are here to partner with you and want to be an extension of your team. Your success is our success. We will do our best to make the most of your time, and use it efficiently for the project, but committing time to the project and working closely together will lead to a win.

How do you feel Jabian is different in our approach to client work?

We get deep into the business, not just within the scope of the project, but we want to know everything. We love getting to know our clients, professionally and personally, and because of that, we will go above and beyond for our clients/friends/prospective clients.

Where do you hope to be in five years?

Transforming businesses and traveling a lot with my husband, Mitchell.

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