Spring 2023
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The Final Word / Conversations with Extraordinary People

In The Final Word, we hope to introduce you to some extraordinary members of our team. It’s one thing to say we have great people, but another to show you just how we define “great.” In this edition, we’re pleased to highlight Kalle Wood, a Director in our Atlanta office. An active member of her community, with a passion for strategy and strategic planning, Kalle defines what it means to be part of the Jabian team.
Kalle Wood
Director, Jabian Consulting

When did you start with Jabian and what helped you make the decision to join?

I joined Jabian in 2015 — it’s hard to believe almost eight years ago! I was looking to continue my consulting career and pivot from government work to more focus on private sector industries. I also knew that I didn’t want to travel each week, so Jabian’s local model was really appealing. A few of the final decision-makers for me to join Jabian were the commitment to the community through Jabian Cares — the firm’s leaders actually putting money and time where their mouths are, and also, I had the opportunity to attend a JWAG (Jabian Women’s Affinity Group) event where I enjoyed connecting with other women at the firm.

How are you active in the community?

I had the privilege of joining Literacy Action’s Board last summer (2022). Literacy Action’s mission is to build better futures for adults by teaching literacy, life, and work skills that empower them to reach their highest potential. The adult low-literate population is frequently overlooked when it comes to funding and support, and I feel being a part of the Board to help drive progress and impact for metro Atlanta’s adults, and in turn, their children and families, is a small way to give back to this important cause.

It’s also a cool full-circle moment for me, as I volunteered with Literacy Action back in 2014–2015 as a facilitator of English conversation classes with adult immigrants. I then participated in United Way’s VIP Board training program in 2021, which was a great experience to learn how to be an effective Board member and support our community.

"I really enjoy helping clients think through how to solve complex challenges, go through transformational efforts, and realize the value they’re seeking from these efforts."

How does Jabian support your interests?

Jabian’s leaders are truly committed to making a positive impact on our local community. Several colleagues previously participated in that same United Way VIP Board training and were able to give me insights into the value they experienced from it. I also have several colleagues with whom we discuss our latest community involvement and bounce ideas off each other of possible organizations to get plugged into.

What is your personal platform and what’s been the most enjoyable part of that work?

My personal platform has evolved over my nearly eight years at Jabian, with my latest focus on business strategy and strategic planning. I really enjoy helping clients think through how to solve complex challenges, go through transformational efforts, and realize the value they’re seeking from these efforts.

I’ve had the great experience of being able to lead strategy projects with our private sector clients and also with community nonprofits through pro bono efforts.

What are your goals for the next year?

One of my main goals for the next 12-plus months is to solidify my impact as a Literacy Action Board member and make sure I’m leveraging my skill set, experience, and network most effectively to help the organization further its mission. I also am motivated to lead teams and help others achieve their career goals to the extent I’m able, so I look forward to future opportunities to mentor others within and outside of Jabian — and aim to make sure we’re having fun along the way!

Why do you think clients decide to work with Jabian?

I think our clients recognize the value of working with a trusted partner who is part of their community. We’re able to strengthen relationships with clients outside of working hours — through volunteerism, professional development, and personal connection. We’re also able to maintain relationships with clients after a project ends since we primarily live where we work. I do also believe that our commitment to the community is a strong Jabian differentiator — our clients recognize that we’re not only committed to their company’s success, but to the broader community as a whole, whether it be supporting nonprofits through Jabian Cares, leading local professional development groups, or our employees’ personal commitment to their unique passion areas.

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