Spring 2016
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Meet the thought-leaders behind this issue of The Jabian Journal.

Kelli Allred

Kelli is a Manager at Jabian focusing on areas of human capital management to drive engagement and employee performance. She is an experienced leader in talent management transformations, strategic planning, technology governance, and execution and program/project management.

Ricardo Alvarado

Ricardo is a Director at Jabian. He has deep expertise in the areas of strategic performance and operational excellence. By specializing in techniques and concepts such as the Balanced Scorecard and Lean Six Sigma, he has been able to help clients from multiple industries across the Americas define and understand their strategic objectives as well as execute those initiatives that yield the highest business impact.

Ryan Applegate

Ryan is a Senior Manager at Jabian with deep and varied experiences throughout the business planning and IT delivery life cycles. He is a leader in strategic planning, developing market insights, and the sourcing and management of vendors. He focuses on delivering value by looking for efficient ways to improve capabilities, drive corporate strategy, and increase visibility across organizational boundaries.

Yosef Beck

Yosef is a Manager at Jabian with a passion for business security strategy, with a focus on security optimization, and operational efficiencies. His expertise lies in strategy, planning, and business and system analysis.

Jenni Crenshaw

Jenni is an Executive Director at Jabian and is considered an industry expert in CRM, specifically CRM integration and transformation. She excels in data management, IT integrations, IT transformation, enterprise architecture, Agile delivery, systems analysis, project and release management, IT governance, and software design and delivery.

Blake Davage

Blake is a Senior Manager at Jabian with experience serving clients across the public and private sectors. He has extensive experience helping clients with strategy development and execution, performance improvement, and process optimization through his business process analysis, program and project management, strategic planning, and performance management expertise.

Matthew Ferstle

Matthew is a Manager at Jabian with experience in process improvement, supply chain, and organizational change management.

Mimi Hall

Mimi is a Consultant at Jabian who works with teams to align project work with the strategic business intent of the project. She specializes in business process analysis, effective facilitation, and workflow management.

Fred Jewell

Fred is an Executive Director at Jabian. He has deep expertise in planning strategic initiatives, driving strategic change initiatives, and strategic transformation, as well as sustainable organizational change. He has delivered complex, multi-site environments, leading initiatives that reduce cost and risk, as well as improving predictability for clients and internal stakeholders.

Stephanie Johnson

Bill serves as Jabian’s COO and has more than 25 years of consulting experience. He is considered an expert in program and project management, organizational governance, and leadership, coaching, and continuous improvement.

Chad McCloud

Chad is an executive director at Jabian. He designs and implements customer and product strategies for companies that drive deeper and more profitable relationships with their customers. He specializes in cross-channel customer experience strategies and product development.

Jimmy Mitchell

Jimmy is a Senior Manager at Jabian focusing on solving clients’ strategic and process-oriented
problems and merging his passion for sports with his experience in analytics.

Jennifer Nourollahi

Jennifer is a Senior Manager at Jabian focusing on driving value for clients in the areas of human capital and operational excellence. She is a leader in executing strategic transformation, organizational change management, and business and process analysis.

Dan Noyd

Dan is an Executive Director at Jabian. He has deep expertise in IT service management, project management, the financial technology industry, and the hospitality industry.

Ashley Prevatt

Ashley is a talent acquisition manager at Jabian. Prior to transitioning to talent acquisition, Ashley was
a cost and efficiency benchmarking consultant with experience across higher education, retail, and finance benchmarking. She is passionate about innovation and continuous improvement.

Lisa Boren Sivy

Lisa is a Senior Manager at Jabian. She helps clients plan and implement complex programs involving business processes with an emphasis on managing change. She is the co-founder of Jabian’s Nonprofit Roundtable.

Andrew Thompson

Andrew is a Senior Manager at Jabian with extensive experience in process improvement, decision analysis, and data analytics. He is passionate about helping clients solve strategic and process-based problems using a data-driven approach.


Pearl Alexander

Pearl is an Inclusion Strategist, Executive Coach, and Transformation expert. She serves as the Executive Director of Diversity, Inclusion, and Engagement at the Georgia Institute of Technology, as well as leading a boutique practice focused on culture transformation guided by diversity and inclusion.

Glen Jackson

Glen is the co-founder of Jackson Spalding, an Atlanta-based communications and marketing agency. In addition to his agency work, he has received numerous awards for his community-focused efforts and is recognized as a top communications professional in the industry.

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