Fall 2017
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Contributors Fall 2017


Meet the thought-leaders behind this issue of The Jabian Journal.

Ryan Applegate

Ryan is a Director at Jabian with deep and varied experiences throughout the business planning and IT delivery life cycles. He is a leader in strategic planning, developing market insights, and the sourcing and management of vendors.

Jonathan Babcock

Jonathan is a Director at Jabian with expertise in business analysis, process optimization, and solution delivery methodology. He is passionate about helping organizations and individuals change in order to continuously progress.

Yosef Beck

Yosef is a Senior Manager at Jabian who is passionate about business security and risk management. His expertise lies in strategy, planning, and business and system analysis.

Parsa Behnamiri

Parsa is a Consultant at Jabian with a background in technology and management consulting across multiple industries, including agriculture, oil and gas, retail, and automotive. His experience is in data governance and strategy, human capital management, and vendor selection.

Sarah Lynn Davis

Sarah Lynn is a Manager at Jabian with experience in program and project management as well as large-scale software implementations.

Oz Fretz

Oz is a Senior Strategic Advisor at Jabian. Over his lengthy career he worked as a management consultant at PWC and IBM. He has extensive program/project management experience with enterprise-wide IT implementations and is a skilled business and sales strategist.


Mimi Hall

Mimi is a Manager at Jabian with a passion for engaging and developing teams while exploring the human capital elements of technology transformations. A Georgia Tech MBA, Mimi is a certified SAFe Program Consultant (SPC4) and a leader of Jabian’s Agile software development offering.

Jeff Hancock

Jeff is a Director at Jabian. He is an experienced and PMP certified project/program manager with deep expertise in the telecom, public sector, hospitality, and insurance sectors.

Aaron Hensley

Aaron is a Senior Manager at Jabian with experience in a variety of CFO agenda items. He has firsthand knowledge of over 20 finance functions, including some of the largest and most complex organizations in the USA.

Fred Jewell

Fred is an Executive Director at Jabian. He has deep expertise in strategic planning, driving strategic initiatives, and transformational change.

Kristine Jordan

Kristine is a Director at Jabian. Her areas of expertise span project, program, and portfolio management; demand and capacity management; business process analysis; and solution implementation.

Beth Lassiter

Beth is a Senior Manager at Jabian with over 16 years of experience working across multiple industries. She specializes in business intelligence, project management, and business and process analysis.

Fara Levine

Fara is a Director at Jabian focused on helping her clients succeed by implementing best practices in the areas of project, program, and portfolio management. She has served as a strategic partner incorporating sound business processes into an overall project management framework to drive execution and achieve optimal business benefits.

Kathleen Lorey

Kathleen is a Manager at Jabian with a health care IT background in change management and program management. She has a passion for improving engagement with non-centralized teams, improving performance management capabilities, and increasing visibility for change management.

Kim MacKenzie

Kim is the HR Initiatives Specialist at Jabian. She has experience in both consulting and business operations across multiple industries. She is known for her ability to improve and implement effective and efficient processes, manage multifunctional projects, and navigate complex challenges.

Katie Misel

Katie is a Director at Jabian with expertise in applying process-centric methodologies to solve the most strategic initiatives. She specializes in process engineering and optimization, business and process analysis, and product management.

Patrick Nevels

Patrick is a consultant at Jabian with expertise in technology and management consulting. He specializes in technology execution, product management, and the sourcing and management of vendors.

Sam Noyd

Sam is a Director at Jabian with a passion for everything mobile. He has broad industry experience across the communications, financial services, health care, and manufacturing industries. His areas of expertise include mobile strategy, solution architecture, business process analysis, and project management.

Duni Okunato

Duni is an Associate with a passion for helping organizations overcome their most pressing challenges. Her expertise lies in process improvement, talent strategy, and solution implementation.

Lauren Parkerson

Lauren is a Manager at Jabian, with expertise in business process analysis and human capital management. She specializes in providing value to her clients through the integration of business analysis and human capital management.

Tracy Reznik

Tracy is a Director at Jabian with extensive experience in progressive people strategies, including change management; leadership development; and organizational development at the organizational, team, and individual levels. She is passionate about coaching and mentoring and bringing out the best in people.

Tara Sconzo

Tara is a Manager at Jabian with a passion for integrating people and processes. She has broad experience across the hospitality, media and communications, utilities, and health care industries. Her areas of expertise include human capital management, communications, and business process design.

Manish A. Shah

Manish is a Director at Jabian and a 15-year veteran of management consulting involving technology, marketing, and business strategy. He has an MBA from UNC Chapel Hill and an undergraduate degree from the University of Western Ontario.

Danal Slay

Danal is a Consultant at Jabian with expertise in process engineering and optimization. He has broad industry experience across the retail, manufacturing, utilities, aerospace and defense, and automotive industries. He is known to be a results-driven, customer-focused professional with a passion for operations strategy and product management.

Rick Warner

Rick is a Senior Strategic Advisor at Jabian. He has extensive experience as a CIO and consultant. He is well versed in business/IT alignment, transformational IT leadership, M&A execution, cyber-security, and innovation through technology.

Kalle Wood

Kalle is a Manager at Jabian with expertise in Agile delivery and business and process analysis. She has broad industry experience across health care, gaming and lottery, automotive, and government agencies. She specializes in helping organizations deliver business value by assessing and transforming their delivery practices.


Liam Durbin

Liam is an experienced CIO with almost 30 years of leadership experience. After 12 years as a naval officer, he began his IT career at General Electric, where he held leadership positions in sales, Six Sigma, and supply chain IT functions. Later, he served as CIO at GE Fanuc, Heinz North America, Block Communications, and American Tire Distributors.

Chris Hess

Chris is the director of finance and technology at Manheim Inc., a subsidiary of Cox Enterprises. In addition to his extensive background in IT finance, he is a thought leader for financial management and processes in Agile technology organizations.

Michael Noel

Michael Noel is the SVP of Product for Cox Automotive’s Inventory Solutions Portfolio. He is responsible for creating and implementing a unified product strategy across the Cox Automotive products and brands. In addition, he plays the role of Inventory Solutions CTO on an interim basis.

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